Start a job manually

To manually trigger a job via the hotglue admin panel, head to the flow (ie. Sales), and select the jobs tab. From here, select New Job in the top right

hotglue flow – jobs dashboard

You will be presented with the following screen asking you to select the source to sync from and to set a name for the job.

hotglue admin panel – create a job

By default, the Sales flow has the HubSpot and Salesforce source available. For this example, we'll select the Salesforce source and name the job demo job

Check off "Reset source state prior to job" if you want to test pulling data you've already synced

hotglue admin panel – start a job

After selecting Create Job, the job will be queued for execution, and you can monitor the jobs progress, in the dashboard:

hotglue – job dashboard

If you click on the job, you can monitor the logs in real time, and refresh to continue monitoring the state. Learn more about the job lifecycle in the docs.

That's it – you've successfully tested your first integration! To learn how to test transform scripts in Jupyter, go to the Transformation section.