Clone job

Clone a job in Jupyter to test your transformation script

It's useful to clone a job to test against when writing a transformation script. To do this, make sure you have already ran a job against the source you've run.

Clone a job

Inside of Jupyter, select the hotglue tab and press clone job.

You'll see a list of jobs, and press select to clone the data.

Once the data is cloned, you'll see a success message as below, and the data will be populated in the sync-output folder.

You can preview the data that was cloned in Jupyter by opening the sync-output folder.

Test the script

Now that your data is cloned, you can run your transform script normally and it should pick up the data automatically. You'll see the output files in the etl-output folder

File system after running script against a cloned job

If you open the etl-output folder you'll see the files your transform script output

That's all there is to testing your script in hotglue!